Gun in 60 Seconds Remix (G.I.S.S.R.) puts you in the boots of Billy Bang Bang, a gunslinger out to prove that he's the best shot out there. Equipped with a .44 Magnum and a Boom Stick, you have 60 seconds to help Billy shoot the different objects launched by the machines from both sides.


For Mobile:

Tap on screen to shoot in that direction.
Press Handgun or Shotgun button to switch weapons.
Double-Tap Handgun or Shotgun button to reload.

For Desktop:

Left/A - Left
Right/D - Right
Q/RMouse Click - Switch Weapon
R/MMouse Click - Reload
1 - Handgun
2 - Shotgun
LMouse Click - Shoot
Esc - Pause/Unpause


  • Use the shotgun for bunched up targets. The shot spread is good for hitting multiple close targets.
  •  Juggle the tin can for points. Use the Magnum Pistol to get more hits off it.
  • Shoot the bomb when there are many targets within its explosion range.
  • Collect coins for extra points. Coins will also trigger the hourglass target.
  • You can shoot to collect coins while they are airborne.
  • Prioritize the hourglass over other targets, it will give you a time extension.
  • Ricocheting bullets will score you more points.
  • Shooting multiple targets with one bullet will score you more points.
  • Bullets pass through bottles and ricochet off the cans.
  • Move around and avoid getting hit by the bird's poop. It will drag your score back down to zero!
  • You don't get points for shooting and killing the red bird, but doing so will guarantee the bird won't poop.


  • v1.0.3 (2022.10.09)
    • Initial Release
  • v1.0.5 (2023.12.04)
    • Transferred name input to main menu, displayed on top
    • a no-miss streak with a handgun triggers an hourglass(time ext) target
    • collecting coins triggers an hourglass(time ext) target
    • If with a keyboard, pressing tab key generates random names
    • If no name/alias is entered, one will be generated for you so you're not all named Billy
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(1 total ratings)
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Tags2D, Arcade, Cartoon, Casual, Funny, gun, leaderboards, Short

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Nice game! I really like the audio.

Thanks! Audio was kind of difficult for me. I used my voice for the announcer and I think most people who don't sound like Liam Neeson or Morgan Freeman have a natural aversion to their own voice. 

I did, however, enjoy making the sound effects. Foley us so much fun. You get imaginative (e.g. using a stapler for reload sounds).  Anyway, glad you liked it. Thanks again!

There are pretty cool SFX and you blend them together well. I believe that making the sounds from scratch would be so much fun. I like the out of box thinking like using a stapler for reload, hehe.