“Fighting games are hard.”

“Fighting games take up too much time and require a lot of dedication.”

“There are too many characters, and it's not balanced.”

“I can't figure out special moves.”

“My opponent keeps running away.”

“I don't have a console or PC.”

"My lemon PC can't run fighting games.”

Ever want to play fighting games but these questions keep getting in the way? Do not fear, Toe II Toe is here.

Toe II Toe is a fast-paced mini fighting game in a retro gameboy style for the 20 second Game Jam! You have your feet planted on the ground, ready for a slugfest. Punch, duck, or block your way to victory!

The controls are very basic, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure things out.  All it takes is 20 seconds per fight, no special moves--one move per button. That's it!

You can run the game on your cellphone. That means you can play anytime and anywhere--whether you're in the can, in mom's basement, or in a business meeting. You can strategize or just spam buttons, you're the boss. Play against the computer AI, or side by side on the same device with a friend. It's a mirror match, no roster to choose from, so you can rest assured that the game is balanced.

Who said fighting games need to be difficult and time consuming? (Seriously, punch those gatekeepers!)


Touch the buttons or if you prefer the keyboard:

Q - BlockO - Block
A - DuckL - Duck
W - JabI - Jab
S - HookK - Hook


  • v 1.3.0 (2023.01.11)
    • added basic gamepad support (buttons, no arrow keys and analog sticks yet)
    • changed date to human readable time elapsed format
    • fixed bug - wins not resetting when losing on time over
    • better AI
  • v 1.2.0 (2022.12.21)
    • more competitive and realistic AI. Also, AI now blocks
    • score display
    • win streak record for single player
    • score keeper for 2 players, so you can easily keep track
    • local scoreboard (top 99)
    • online leaderboards (top 99)
    • online leaderboards for single player win streaks (top 99)
    • player name displayed in-round
    • sprite animation tweaks and bug fixes
  • v 1.1.1 (2022.12.09)
    • fixed keyboard retry bug reverting to 2 players
    • added some sound effects (commentator - fight, time over, ko)
  • v 1.1.0 (2022.12.07)
    • added keyboard hotkey info on buttons
    • added score above lifebar for single player
  • v 1.0.0 - Initial Release

To Do

  • Online Leaderboards
  • Sprite and Animation improvements
  • SFX improvements and Music(?)
  • Control Pad support
  • Add More Characters to Single Player Mode


Updated 6 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Made withAseprite, Construct
Tags2D, boxing, Casual, Game Boy, High Score, Local multiplayer, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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Toe II Toe for Mac 64-bit (2023.01.11) 131 MB
Toe II Toe for Android (2023.01.19) 5 MB

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Great game.  Duck feels useless, block is op, but I like the simplicity.  I think it can be solved by allowing to hold duck, and throw body punches while ducking.  Defeats standing block and makes ducking useful without adding any inputs, and makes AI less predictable.

If I add a body punch, that means I have to add a body block. When I started the game, I was actually thinking of having a high and low level, but went with a single level to make it simple.

But you raise a good point about the duck. How about I add a damage boost for a successful duck, say double for every successful evasion until hit or a punch is unleashed (let's say jab damage is 10, successful duck 1x = 20, duck 2x = 40, duck 3x = 80, etc), would that be enough incentive to use duck over block? It can change the momentum.

I too would like body punching as it would discourage a defensive playstyle while balancing where to aim for where an opponent's defense is strong or weak at. The damage buff for dodging would be cool too, but you'd probably have to balance that out too by limiting how many stacks of buff can be stored.

I agree. Body punch and block would be nice too. The game would still be fairly simple in design as it would be high/low weak punch, high/low strong punch, and high/low guard. It would really flesh out the game while remaining easy to pick up and play.

Thank you for the insights. Hmm...although my initial plan for the game was to have a high and low level, I think for now I would like to avoid going that direction if possible because not only will it be more complex, I'll have to make adjustments to the controls too (might need to add more buttons, and for those on mobile, this might be too tight especially for pvp).

For now I'll make some tests while I gather inputs from people. Maybe 2 levels can work, and I'll end up going to original direction. We'll see. I hope you stick around long enough as I try to improve the game!

The multiplier is a cool idea that maybe you could add, but might warrent explanation as it would have a huge impact on gameplay without being mechanically obvious.  I think that spoils the simplicity more than lows would.

But on that note, lows could actually be really simple as you don't actually need to add a low block at all.  Duck could double as a low block (as long as a low punch isn't being thrown by the blocker.)  The ducking sprite already appears to be blocking face and body, so no double inputs required there.  You could also make it so standing without using block will automatically elbow-block body shots, but that would be slightly less intuitive.  Players would have to think less about specifically blocking a punch, and more about changing stances depending on which zone offensive and defensive play is most needed.  Either case punishes block spammers and rewards the long ducking animation handsomely.

The problem then becomes "why stand at all?"  Simple answer there too, head takes more damage than body, maybe with a multiplier for dodging.  Maybe a hit forces them to stand.  Whatever feels balanced and intuitive/simple.

Thanks for the game and the reply!

Good point on the multiplier affecting simplicity. Reminded me that much as possible I'd like to keep things simple--like anyone even a grandma can play it, and everything can be picked up fairly quickly without needing much explanation. 

Regarding the auto-block, that could work in the way of simplicity as it might open up a button for level change, but it might promote turtling? Also, I don't know, I never got the hang of blocking without inputs, this was always my downfall with tekken. Never felt natural, maybe got used to SF.

A hit forcing the player to stand is an interesting concept. I'll see if I get anywhere with it. I'll continue to brainstorm and do some tests. Thank you so much for the feedback, these are very valuable to me.

(2 edits)

Maybe I was slightly misunderstood, but I very much DON'T want the block input removed.  My thought was that ducking is already an inherently defensive "move", so blocking while ducking would be redundant, but while standing it takes more effort.  This is how it is in real boxing too, if you're standing upright, you must choose between defending your head or your midsection on the fly, but not while ducking and weaving since your center of gravity is low, and body is curled up and easily defensible, so long as you don't go on the offensive.  Turtling isn't a problem as long as there's a way to defeat it.

Part of why I love this game so much is because even in its simplicity it feels more real than many high budget boxing games.  There's no jank, no flashy fantasy effects, no tacky game mechanics, just a visceral and realistic 2D boxing match with a boxer that looks and moves like a boxer.

Ah yes, I re-read your comment and I realize I misunderstood. You meant auto parry body shots, I mistakenly thought for all. I will do some tests, try out your suggestions and also those by others, see what works well. Thank you for the feedback.

Also, thank you for the praise, I'm not sure I deserve it, but I am glad you loved my game so I'll take that win. 


Great game. Love the sprites and animations. If I may request, please add a CPU vs CPU mode. Thanks!

Hmm...That should be possible. Do want a scorekeeping similar to player vs player so you can keep track of the scores?

Yes please. That would be good to have. If the scorekeeping isn't possible, then that's okay. But the cpu vs cpu is a must have for this great little game. Thanks again!

That's possible, will add it to my to do list!

Simple and cool. Very nice! 


Thank you!

(3 edits) (+1)

Good games make player to do more than playing and i say to you: you did a hell of a job!!

And if you upgrade the game more i arpriciate it

Ps. If you ganna put more character sprites, make sure to let players to choose it in 2p mode (im not good wit eng so excuse me for my poor grammar)=)

Thank you, I'm glad you had fun! I'm planning on adding extra characters, maybe 2, for an arcade mode. I'll see if I can have them available for player vs player, because that might require some balancing.

(2 edits)

Fantastic sprite work and animations!! Entertaining 20-second game. It would be cool if the timer duration and the boxer's health were adjustable :)

Edit: Also, I feel like you shouldn't be able to block forever... Had a match where the Ai got my hp to be below theirs, and then blocked for 10 seconds straight and won since I couldn't deal any real damage

(2 edits)

Thank you, GenericPerson! The timer is on my to do list. It seems when competitive people are against each other, they tend to have more calculated moves instead of slugging it out, and 20 seconds just isn't enough. I'll add settings for that. The boxer's health adjustment is also a good idea, I can add that too, thanks for the suggestion!

For the block, I'm thinking of adding a guard break, maybe after 3-4 punches, with or without an additional display meter, just to prevent abusing block.

I have to admit though, the AI turtling after dishing damage is kind of funny!

I also agree. Adjustable HP and timer duration would be great. It's time for this game to grow and spread it's wings beyond it's original 20 sec game goal.


Good fun for a 20 second slugfest. This would be a cool concept to extend to have a career mode where you take on various fighters as you play. 

(1 edit)

Thanks! Seems to be the common request, guess that's on my to do list now.

just as suggestion, do a post fight screen like old street fighter games

Great idea. I'll throw that in when I find the time!

Thanks for playing the game and the support!

I get "failed to acquire a renderer - check webGL is supported" (it is on my comp).

(1 edit)

Strange. May I ask what browser and OS are you using so I can investigate further? Also, you might want to update your browser.

(2 edits)

great cardio, 20 secs @ a time. 

@tina, coming for my belt?

great game, plazatin!

(1 edit)
I got the belt!!! Who da man? (Had to play until I beat you at my own game haha)

This game is so incredibly addicting and the sprite art is so clean the girls are pretty hot if im honest. I like how it has that gameboy feel paired with the smooth movements and detail that tell you its something more modern. Ive sat here for like 20 minutes trying to grind out scores lmao (8944 atm btw).
Can't wait to see if you do more to this game

(1 edit)

Update, hit 10k

Thank you! I'm working on the online leaderboards at the moment, I hope you don't get bored of it soon, so we could see your name and score on it!

I see you climbing up the ranks! Thanks for trying out the new ai opponent and leaderboards!

haha im trying my best

You're still top at win streak. Trying to break your own record. Nice! Happy New Year too!

oh and one thing i noticed, if you lose by KO< you lose you winstreak as you should. However, losing by having lower health (by points i suppose) does not reset your wins

nice game. keep it up

Thank you! Making some improvements to the game, hope you stick around.

Nice job oh this game, these animations are really good and feel very juicy!! Noice


Had fun making the animations. I'll take juicy, thank you. 

thats incredible keep doing this

Thanks, and you're welcome, w3lc0m!

AMAZING sprites and animations!!!


Thank you! Creating the sprites and animations took up the most time. I was actually planning on making the 2nd player sprites different (see image below), but the jam deadline was coming up.

yep relatable. i had to cut on so many corners myself it was rough ':D im still happy i was able to submit before the deadline tho, and i think it turned out pretty nice


Same here. I'm just glad to have finally participated in and finished a jam. Congrats to us! See you in the next one!

this is really fun! Even though its such a short game the animations are super smooth and fluid and the hitting is really impactful, It’d be rad to see a full game like this

Glad you enjoyed! Hopefully I can make some more changes in the near future to make a more complete game.

cool retro ..make mode story?

Thanks! I'll try to update and improve the game.

By the way, nice vid. First KO was just a second before time out. What do you use to record?


My google fu skills must be deteriorating. Did you mean screenrec or the built-in windows xbox game bar? Can't seem to find win rec. I normally use obs, and while I'm happy with it, want to check alternatives.