“Fighting games are hard.”

“Fighting games take up too much time and require a lot of dedication.”

“There are too many characters, and it's not balanced.”

“I can't figure out special moves.”

“My opponent keeps running away.”

“I don't have a console or PC.”

"My lemon PC can't run fighting games.”

Ever want to play fighting games but these questions keep getting in the way? Do not fear, Toe II Toe is here.

Toe II Toe is a fast-paced mini fighting game in a retro gameboy style for the 20 second Game Jam! You have your feet planted on the ground, ready for a slugfest. Punch, duck, or block your way to victory!

The controls are very basic, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure things out.  All it takes is 20 seconds per fight, no special moves--one move per button. That's it!

You can run the game on your cellphone. That means you can play anytime and anywhere--whether you're in the can, in mom's basement, or in a business meeting. You can strategize or just spam buttons, you're the boss. Play against the computer AI, or side by side on the same device with a friend. It's a mirror match, no roster to choose from, so you can rest assured that the game is balanced.

Who said fighting games need to be difficult and time consuming? (Seriously, punch those gatekeepers!)


Touch the buttons or if you prefer the keyboard:

You can also customize your controls according to your preference. There are some keys that are reserved, so if your custom key doesn't register, that means it's unavailable.

Or if you prefer a Gamepad:
Gamepad Controls

Buttons 1-4 are the default actions, which varies depending where your player is positioned. Start or Options button pauses the game during a match. The Direction keys or the Left Analog Stick can be used to navigate the menus, and pressing any key in the menu selects.

You can also customize the gamepad in-game controls to your liking. If your gamepad supports vibrations, prepare to feel a rumble.

 Frequently Asked Questions

You may view the FAQs here.


You may view the game changes here.

 To Do

  • Online Leaderboards
  • Sprite and Animation improvements
  • SFX improvements and Music(?)
  • Control Pad support
  • Add More Characters to Single Player Mode
  • Round time options
  • Pre-fight and post-fight screens
  • Better AI
  • Uppercut
  • Counter Punch



The game is completely free, no catch.  But for those who want to go further in supporting the development of the game, or if you want to buy me a beer/coffee, you can pay what you want to "buy" the game. For those who want to donate multiple times or recurring, you may do so on my Ko-Fi page.

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(172 total ratings)
Made withAseprite, Construct
Tags2D, boxing, Casual, Game Boy, High Score, Local multiplayer, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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Toe II Toe for Windows 10/11 64-bit - NWJS version (2023.06.30) 111 MB
Toe II Toe for Linux 64-bit (2023.06.30) 130 MB
Toe II Toe for Mac 64-bit (2023.06.30) 123 MB
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  • Cannot be racist/sexist/profane, etc. I will be the final judge of what is allowed and not.
  • In case of violation of the previous, I will ask you to change it just once. If you don't change it, the name won't appear in the credits, and this Reward will already be fulfilled.

Limited to 100 quantity. If for some reason you can't donate or purchase on itch, you can try my ko-fi page, and then I'll reach out, make it happen.

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just went 31-1 Survival Mode, phone started ringing and i lost focus :(


I love the game, it's really well made. 

I have a couple thoughts after scrolling through the comments that you might find interesting.

In one comment it's mentioned that uppercuts will be from the ducking position. 

Here's a suggestion: Maybe holding the ducking button in the future could make you crouch, and dodge jabs and hooks, and the uppercut would counter this?

Crouching would help bring variety to the gameplay, but uppercuts would help it not be overused. 

This would help the ducking feature have use. 

Parries, (while they have become very useful and essential in gameeplay,) remove the use of ducking.

A couple other things:

- The introduction of difficulty, while a difficult task itself, could help a lot in gameplay. The ai is kinda clueless for the first little bit, eventually learning, but taking time.

- Possibly introducing a pausing in the jabs of the AI? Timing my jabs helps me basically spam and overwhelm the bot, but if the bot could do this as well, the game would be much more challenging as a result of this.

I've delved so much time in to this game so I kind of get too comfortable, like there's rounds where I look at the corner of the screen and only use my peripheral while reacting. 

But still love it.


Found one more issue: parry-hook spamming is too op. I can win multiple rounds with just hooks against the Ai using this strategy.

yeah, just like third strike, when you master parry, you can become godlike. Still have no way to combat that for the AI. It's interesting to finally see someone requesting to make the game harder. Hopefully I can implement the difficulty level well to appease all levels.

Interesting suggestions on the duck, I will try them out and see what works best!

Deleted post

Hmm..sorry about that. I don't have a mac to test my builds, but I'll see if I can borrow my sister's macbook so I can look into it.

In the meantime you can try this since you're able to play it on your browser:

  • Open this link in your browser (https://itch.io/embed-upload/8204111?color=272726). This is the direct link to the game Toe II Toe on itch.io
  • You can now install that as an app. I'm not sure what your browser is, but I'll assume it's safari since you're on mac. I think it's File > add to Dock. That should download and install Toe to Toe as a web app, and you can now play it offline.

My partner and I enjoyed playing this game! simple and straight to the point. it was a bit of a challenge for us to set up the controls, more likely on our end, but it was worth it. even though this is slice of full game, can't wait to see the finished product. love the art too! keep up the good work!

Thank you for playing, Im' glad you and your partner enjoyed it. It's nice to hear people playing my game. Would have been better to see faces for full effect, but I myself don't like my face being plastered anywhere, so I understand.

Regarding the controls, I'm looking into it. Seems like there's bug where sometimes the default controls don't kick in, so you have to set it manually in the options like you guys did. Hopefully I can patch that soon.

P.S. you guys made me hungry! I should probably do a frequent video game date night with my wife too, it's been a while since we did.


After I vlock I cant do half of the things the ai does making it hard to defend myself bc it keeps spamming while I cant block, dodge or attack.

i love everything abt this game i love the starting animations, the sounds, i like how the hook feels and sounds, i like the sprites and the fighitng animations idk what to call it. but i can js keep spamming jab? and parry whenever the CP parries so idk if thats balanced. good good good game tho great game

Hi chaobao! Glad you loved the game! I'm still improving things. Parry is supposed to counteract jab spamming, but I'm still working on the AI (my first implementation, CP parried all the shots. Trying not to make it realistic and also not too difficult). I'll see if I can also find a way to reduce jab spamming. One of the common suggestions is to use a stamina bar, which I'm still testing out.

im so glad ur still workin on the game, and also glad u look at and reply to comments, means a lot

this was my first time with a boxing game btw so im prolly not gud for advice

so excited to see what u do with it :)

(1 edit)

Feedback is always welcome! Also, if you enjoyed boxing, you have to try out punch out on the NES, a retro game. It's simple but fun and addictive!

(2 edits)

Not great. Stun locks occur often, the millisecond I release block, I'm stun locked. Please fix. Idk if it's just me having the issue, but I can't even get a duck in (ducks feel pointless) edit: ducks feel luck based for effectiveness is what I mean. They don't create openings or anything. At least 90% of the time

Hi GooseJuggler! I'm working on an update which will include an uppercut, and ducking then punching will be the way to execute it. This will be guard breaking, so that ought to put some mileage out of duck. Things aren't progressing as I would like due to life, but we'll get there. When that time comes, I hope you can check out the game again. Thank you for your inputs and for playing my game!

yeah good luck on the development! Take your time too. No point in rushing. Quality is the most important thing. Also, sorry if i seem harsh i just want this game to be the best it can be mainly because i could see it being popular (and a good mobile game amongst the few actually good mobile games) so keep it up friend <3 best wishes :)

No worries, I welcome even harsh comments, so long as they include why/have a suggestion for improvement. Thanks for the encouragement, I'll try to make it better!


Your game is excellent, i really like this. I'm from Brazil and i am already sharing it with my friends. The AI in SM is a little fast and has a great defense, this making me play more. Could've different difficulty levels or a balance of HOOK and DUCK. This game is AMAZING!

Hi darkskt! I hope you and your friends enjoy playing  with each other too. Obrigado!

Your game fascinated me, the music and art are incredible. It's very addictive, i just play and play. Thank you for letting us try this marvel. I wish you the best of luck in your work.

Oh wow, finally someone commented about the music, and you don't hate it. I'm not really a music guy, someone else was supposed to work on it but got busy, so I gave it a try. I'm glad it didn't suck. Thank you!

(1 edit)

incredible game, this is super fun. the cp seemed too hard at first, but with practice, and a lot of emphasis on practicing parrying, I got good enough to practically always beat the cp, usually with above 90% health. it feels so fun to fight my friends after they learn how to play the game properly, but I feel like things should be more thoroughly explained (for example, before learning parrying, this game was too difficult and just a button mashing simulator)

also the duck is worthless. parrying does everything ducking does but better, I believe it needs a buff, and lastly, holding jab/hook doesn't do much, but holding jab and hook at the same time attacks so quickly on either jab or hook that you are almost guaranteed to hitstun your opponent before they can guard or parry, which I believe is a bug or exploit

keep up the good work!


Hey King! Glad you enjoyed the game. The reason the duck feels worthless is because I'm working on creating an additional attack from the duck position (uppercut).

As for the issue you mentioned, I will look into it!


Hello why its mot available in the playstore for my phone?

It might because of the recent update that I was forced to do with Google Play in order to stay there. What Android version are you using and what phone?

(1 edit)

andriod 12

And a samsung m31

I'll look into it! Have you tried playing it from your phone browser?

ill try

Oh btw is this made with godot oe unity?

Neither, this was made with Construct 3.


Dominating looking women with six-pack abs is my jam 🥵 🥵 🥵 


guys im playing this for the gameplay i promise guys


I made an account just for this specifically, I just want to say I really like this game! it is really fun yet simple, which is a good thing in my book.

One thing I do want to say is that I do feel that the AI for SM is a little bit OP but that just might be a skill issue on my part honestly. I will select SM and if I do anything other than spam JAB or BLOCK I'm dead meat. I feel as it HOOK and DUCK are honestly useless because the AI is just so fast to counteract.

Like I previously stated it might just be a skill issue on my part, but otherwise this game is freaking phenomenal for a solo dev! keep up the AMAZING work and just remember to not overwork yourself and take mental breaks!


Hello SircodesalotVIII! I'm honored that you took the time to create an account just to be able to comment. Thank you, and rest assured that your comment, along with all the comments in here, are being read and taken into account. I'm continuously trying to improve the game, although pace is going a bit slower these days due to life in general.

Your sentiment is valid and same as many people here. When the game was first released, the common comment was it was too easy. I increased the difficulty, but I think I went overboard. It doesn't matter if it is a skill issue, I want to accommodate as many players as I can.

I am planning to add a difficulty level, as well as some new mechanics and balancing to address those issues you mentioned. Also some new characters. I hope you can stick around.

As for overworking, not to worry, I am overworked, but not by this game. I will try to  find the time to change that soon!

This is pretty cool. I wish I had someone to play with though because I think this is even more of a multiplayer game than the average fighting game. I'm a fighting game player and I've tried a few of the simplified mini-fighting-games like footsies, but in this game since there is no moving, the elements being focused on are timing and mind games, which I think is why some people had issues with it. It didn't feel like there was an input buffer, so when the AI is jabbing over and over for example you need to time your next action to when your character recovers from the jab, and I think most people who don't play fighting games will just try to mash and not realize this. And the other main thing about the game are mind games, but for one it's not clear what options beat what, I'm assuming jab loses to ducking or perfect block but is good against regular block, hook probably beats ducking with the right timing. But I don't think these things are intuitive to people who don't play fighting games and it also doesn't make sense against an AI (which is why I said I wish I could play with someone locally), playing mind games with an AI is pretty pointless.

Overall I think you tried to make a fighting game that was more intuitive to people who don't play fighting games but I think people would still need to be taught how to play it properly and even though it's very simple the timing part still makes it kinda hard. But as a fighting game fan this was interesting to try.

Thanks, Edmar! That is so awesome to hear. I feel the same way, I hope I can make a multiplayer version someday.

Agreed that I need to teach. This has also been a common comment after I increased the difficulty and added some mechanics. I should have added a difficulty level and a training mode before updating, but I was in a hurry to push out the changes. As a result, newer players are welcomed with a nasty beatdown. I will change this soon.

Hey man great job! Amazing execution, really drew me in. I love it. 

That being said I need to agree with the rest of the players here, the controls are too slow and the AI is too spammy.

I've tried both in browser and pc. It's not because people click outside the window, not because their machine is slow. Something in the controls is off. 

There's a difference between difficult and punishing. The critique is very common among the other comments as I see, this game does not feel fair. I dodge a few, block, counter..etc but there is no point in mastering this game. If it was faired, or at least 'felt' fair, then more people would take the time to master the mechanics. At this stage however, it's spamming block and jab till you get tired. That is if you don't get stun locked ofc. 

I can see this becoming a very addictive game if these issues are adressed. Good luck!


Hi dovau! Thanks for the comments! It's a work in progress, I'm trying to make it better, taking in people's comments. I hope I can improve it further to make it more enjoyable for you and the others!


My controls don't work

hi hungry_rambler! You can try to go to settings to set or reset your controls. It should work after. I'm investigating a bug where the default controls don't work on some computers. I'll fix it as soon as I'm able to find it.


I like the animations and art style yes but in terms of game play... Sub-optimal I want to say, not to hurt your feelings.

Spam "W" and I win, try anything else I lose!

It takes ages to block and duck, transition from a punch to duck or cover simply non existent.

I think the game has great potential so I hope to see it as a full fledged game!


Fake, it actually requires some reaction time skills


Thanks Pxelo, I'm glad you liked the game and are defending it, I feel appreciated, feels nice not having to defend the game by myself. That said, everyone is entitled to voice out their opinions on the game, be it positive or negative. It's valid to have a different opinion of things. 

I welcome constructive criticism as it welcomes improvements and gives me some ideas sometimes. He wasn't being rude, and pinpointed his pain points instead of just saying "dis game sux!" It could be hardware issue, as it is extremely difficult to cover a wide range of devices, especially for a solo dev. But you both can rest assured that I will do what I can to give the best experience I can possibly give. 

Thanks again and I hope to have your continued support! Hope you like the future updates!


Youre welcome

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback, I'm experimenting and doing my best to improve it! Might I ask what platform you are playing on and what specs so I can investigate if it is a hardware issue?

I am on Microsoft Edge browser, using M1 Max Mac Studio


Thanks, your hardware is way above the requirements. I will look into it and see what I can do.

It’s a really good game! The graphics and animation are smooth, good audio too. My main gripe is that I found the best strategy for me is just to basically spam. I think introducing new mechanics like side stepping would make the game more engaging. Perhaps even punishing the player more if they spam too much. I also think adding different difficulties could be really beneficial. Overall, great game! 7/10 Can’t wait to see what’s next and good luck to you and the team!

Thanks for the feedback. It's a work in progress, going to try and improve it with future updates. Thanks for wishing me luck (it's just me for the moment but I'm working on getting some help from talented people).


make the ai easier or have a easy mode cause i just keep getting stun locked

I'm working on a level difficulty and a tutorial mode to help out beginners!

geometry dash

Not sure if you are comparing me to Geometry Dash, but I love that game!

Android doesn't install, and I know why, I use construct 3 too.

RELEASE apks are only for publishing to the google play store, and cannot be installed directly from the file.

The only things that can be directly installed from the file, is debug apks.

Hi @AxolotlGuy! Glad to see another Construct user around here. Are you sure about the release/debug apk? I have a lot of Android downloads and most of them have had no problems installing the APK. Are you using a (rooted) android phone without Google/Play Store?

I always thought that release APKs would work anywhere if they are unsigned, and that debug is just for debugging. I'm pretty sure I used an unsigned release apk, but I might have uploaded a signed one by mistake. That would explain it if you had problems installing without Google/Play Store.

You must upload a DEBUG

is there a way to change characters.?   

(1 edit)

Sorry, no. At least not YET...


What the actual heck. The movements are amazing. Here I am making my very first GB Studio RPG game struggling to make animations while Construct can create things like these!? You are amazing sir! Good job!

Thanks! Good luck in your journey! Indie game dev is insanely tough, often (always?) feels masochistic, but if it's what you love, it's worth it. 

It's nice to be able to build something, and even better to see other people enjoying it too. Don't give up!

By the way, I do not understand people who have bad comments about your FREE game. It's free, yet they complain. It's a game submitted for a contest. It's being polished and it's already a very well made game! Can't believe people are on here complaining hahahaha

Keys dont work


Hello! Please try this from the FAQ page.

  • My controls aren't working, pressing keys does nothing. How do I fix this?
    • Go to the main menu, then go to options. Make sure the controls are correct and you are pressing the assigned keys. Go back to the Main Menu, that should save any changes you might have made, if any. 

I think there's a new bug causing some key config to be unset for some new users. I'll try to investigate, but the fix above should do it.


I bought the game for $10! Any game with gorgeous pixel art of beautiful women punching the crap out of each other is worth $10!

If the game's resolution is too low to display my full name Maplewood Street, you may shorten it to Maplewood St. instead! The abbreviated version should fit the 13-character limit. I would have done that, but I saw the rule only after I submitted it (sorry!!)


Thank you so much for the love and support! This is noted, I'll let you know as soon as I've updated the game with your name on the credits, just a bit busy with life right now but I'll try to make it happen soon.


Totally understandable! Thank you! If I had more money to give right now, I absolutely would!

I did also make a comment about music in a different thread. Let me know if you're interested or not! :D

Hello ik this is just a little problem but my home buttons arw showing when im playing the game i sometimes press it pls fix.

Hi renz12345! What home button are you pertaining to? Are you referring to the Android version?

andriod 12 tge swipe up to use the buttons

I see, the Android version. I'll try to see what I can do, and I'll let you know if I'm able to fix it on the next update.


Hey bro i alr message ur gmail that the playstore give me ur supportbcontatct my i alr send u some pictures wuts the problem


First the controls didn't work, and then I kept getting completely pummeled. I have no idea how these game mechanics work, not a good first impression to the point I don't want to bother figuring it out. Also, the description pitches this as a sort of alternative to fighting games, but it is nothing like one, it is much closer to Punchout or First Cut.

Deleted 160 days ago
(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

Hey FightersDayInc! Noted, will take your career advice into consideration. In the meantime, I will address  your other comments.

For the music, I'm not really a music guy, I was supposed to collab with a few sound guys but they got busy, so that was just my newbie attempt to come up with some retro 8-bit chip tunes. I'm probably biased, but I thought it turned out alright, all things considered. I understand people have different music preferences. In fact I normally turn off music when I play games, even ones with good music, so I added an option to do that as well. Just turn off music in options, problem solved!

As for the controls, did you check the FAQs? Generally if the controls don't work, it usually means one of the following: 

1) the game window is not in focus, maybe through a mouse press outside the window or a special keypress like ctrl+tab or alt+tab or windows button, etc. This can be resolved by clicking on the game window itself.

2) the key config somehow got messed up. This can be resolved by going to key config options and assigning your preferred keys and hitting accept. This should resolve this issue.

3) Your gamepad isn't detected or configured properly. To see if your gamepad is supported, in the main screen you will notice a control pad icon will appear. If not, the gamepad is unsupported. Can you be kind enough to tell me what controller you are using so I can investigate further?

Now assuming it does work, your key config might not be properly configured. There are too many control pads snd arcade sticks to configure individually, so right now they are configured to the most commonly used and what I currently have, Playstation controllers. So other controllers might be configured incorrectly. This can be easily fixed by again going to the options menu and properly assigning keys that you like. Again, in some cases, depending on the controller, some keys might not be supported. Just use the ones that are.

I hope you can get the controls working, and can give the game another chance. Toe II Toe is just a light game not to be taken seriously, a 20 second destresser. If it doesn't work for you, my apologies. There are lots of games on itch and steam that might scratch you better, I'm sure you will be able to find one that you like. Good luck and happy hunting!

If you're looking for new sound designers/composers, I would love to be part of the team!

You can decline of course! I just thought I'd offer! ^_^

Hey, I checked out your stuff, I liked the track Lay Me Gently. How can I get in touch with you? Shoot me an email!

Yes! My email is maplewoodstreet.contact@gmail.com! :D I'm also on Discord: maplewoodstreet.

Feel free to contact me there! If for whatever reason I don't respond for whatever reason within a few days, feel free to ping me here too!

Oh what's your email? :O

It's been a few days and I haven't gotten a message on here, email, Discord, Twitter, or NG. Maybe it was put in spam? If you're still interested, let me know!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and impressions, these are vital. I'm sorry to hear your experience was not positive, I'll try to make it better, for you and others. 

Part of the planned updates is to come up with a tutorial to explain the mechanics (alabmetal slug/kof) so that the user is not overwhelmed. You see, when it started out, it was just duck, block, and punch, since the goal was to come up with a fight for 20 seconds. The other mechanics were added later on as updates upon request of the people. Now I need to work on a tutorial to explain those changes. I just haven't found the time to do so. I hope you can revisit the game after the tutorial update is rolled out, give it another chance.

As for it being closer to punch out, it is a major influence, along with street fighter. If it doesn't do it for you, there are other games on itch and steam that are way better and might satisfy your fighting game cravings. (For indies: Punch Planet, Pocket Bravery)

In any case, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions. As an indie dev, I don't have QAs and testers, so user feedback is the closest thing I have. Many thanks!


Thank you for the kind response, I was a little rude initially, best of luck to you man

No worries, I didn't find your comment particularly rude, since it was an honest opinion and there were a couple of things to be picked up from it. I can take and do welcome criticism and feedback, if they can lead to something productive. It's not like you just said "Dis sux, u suck", which would be difficult to process because there is no clear path to understanding why I do suck and how to suck less.

Thank you again for the feedback. I really hope that you can give the game another chance in the future, when I've applied improvements to it.


nice game! if has a training mode for bag-punching will be better~


I'm considering that suggestion. Thank you!


Amazin game, I am hyped for arcade mode!


Thanks, and glad ro hear it. It's taking a while since I'm on a job hunt at the moment, but I'm definitely still working on it. Hope you stick around for the updates and new characters!


Controls don't work, I can click on the buttons but if I use qwas nothing happens.


Hello! You can check the key config in the options to make sure the controls are properly configured. It should work properly then.

From the FAQs:

  • My controls aren't working, pressing keys does nothing. How do I fix this?
    • Go to the main menu, then go to options. Make sure the controls are correct and you are pressing the assigned keys. Go back to the Main Menu, that should save any changes you might have made, if any. 
  • The controls stop sometimes. How do I fix this?
    • You might have clicked outside the window or pressed tab, causing the game window to lose focus. Click on the game window and the game controls should be back.
Deleted 160 days ago
(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

Sorry if it came out that way, perhaps things are getting lost in text, but I wasn't patronizing. You can read all the comments down the feed, I really try to reply and be helpful and responsive as I can, when I find the time. I genuinely want to help. I just want people to play my game and enjoy in the process. The FAQ has a longer explanation, so I link to it, especially when I'm out and am trying to reply as quickly as I can on mobile. 

I'm sorry to hear about the hole in your wall and your controller. I hope your controller is fine. Please relax a bit. My game's objective was meant to be a quick 20 second destresser, not the opposite. I try to accommodate everyone, at least to what my abilities and time allow, but it would all be useless if my game causes stress. In that case, it's better not to play the game, because it achieves the opposite of my objective. 

My sincerest thanks for trying out my game. 


This is amazing. Clean Pixel art work and animation.




can the guys who made top rank scores please make a gameplay video? That would help me and other players to understand and get a little better at the game.

some things i noticed:
most op moves in this game are block/parry and jab i think if you add a stamina bar or have a cooldown for each move it will stop block+jab spam which is guarenteed win for current bot. 
not too sure how to make duck/hook viable in this type of game since they are both very slow while block/jab are instantaneous.

interesting game good luck

Thanks for the suggestions, I'm still working on improving the game, making adjustments and doing tests. I might be able to implement some of the suggestions if the tests work out.


I was sad because I thought I sucked at this game, but now I'm excited to see it grow! It looks amazing!

Thank you! Kind and encouraging words keep me going!


Hey looks really cool, but the game vs CPU is WAY too hard and I'm a diamond street fighter player. The CPU is way too aggro there is no opportunity to do learn and counter. The the controls see unresponsive, like im blocking and the UI says im blocking but im not blocking and just getting hit. I tried 4 times, i might try more but im not sure others will.
“Fighting games are hard.”

(3 edits) (+2)

Thank you for trying it out! As I mentioned in earlier comments, people have asked me several times to make the ai more difficult, it seems I went overboard this time. Someone suggested to add a difficulty level, I'll do that.

As for the UI feedback, it doesn't mean that the move is executed if the ui button is highlighted, but rather, it just means you are pressing. The move will execute when the player has or recovers control. In your case, it might be that you got hit and have not recovered yet but are pressing a button like block.

I understand it might be overwhelming now, as a new player with the new difficulty. I apologize. I'm adding the difficulty level and a tutorial/training mode so that people aren't surprised with a beatdown, and end up raging.

It might be better to post the changelog in a different post then link people to it that.

Scrolling 30 seconds just to get to the download button is troublesome for those of us who like to play on PC.


There's the itch.io app where you can just click to install and don't have to scroll through all that if that bothers you, the app available for windows also


Thanks for the tip!



That's a good suggestion, didn't cross my mind because I wasn't really expecting the writeup and changelog to grow this long. I'll do that, thank you!


No prob!


I have moved the FAQs and Changelogs to their own individual pages. The main page should be a lot less cluttered now. Thanks again for the suggestion!

The game became too hard.

Will add a difficulty option. Looks like I went overboard when people requested to make it more difficult.

bad game too hard made me rage

Sorry about that. People have been commenting, asking me to make the game harder. I might have gone overboard this time. I plan on adding a difficulty level, as a suggested by one of the users.


haha i was just jokin around its fine


Very fun! One of the best 2 player games out there. I hope that you will keep working on this.

Thank you! I will, still have a lot of plans for it!

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